Charity Travel & Safaris


We run a lot of trips in support of our charity Saint Ann Foundation as well as fundraising trips, we provide all the logistics, staffing services and we collaborate with other tour companies.

Because we have such comprehensive set-ups in our main country Uganda, it means we can go the extra mile with charity groups who need the additional support if they are unfamiliar with trekking holidays. Our own experience managing trips and projects for Saint Ann Foundation means that we very much favour the point of view of the charity and work hard to meet your expectations.

Instead of just giving and leaving, we focus on building lasting relationships for sustainable growth long term. Our projects aim to empower children, women and local communities to support themselves by not only giving them the resources they need to get started, but the education required to keep going.

We focus on a “bottom up” approach that gives families and communities the tools they need to build a better future for themselves. This approach is different than a traditional charity that simply builds something and goes home. We work together with the community and built long-term relationships to enable local communities to grow and change in a way that is best for them.

We welcome everyone on our charity trips from the individual, to students, Missionaries, to large groups.


Philanthropy Challenges with Volunteer- Safari.

We will take you on a guided charity safari where on your safari you visit local communities for charity. Our charity challenges embracaces visits to childrens’ homes and schools.The children always below the age of sixteen (16) are always happy to see you as you will see them smile ear to ear wanting to take a photo with you and spending most their time with you. In their humble livings, except a warm welcome that is very touching and very impressive that it will give you life challenge about charity.
Our kind of philanthropy test is: Open Africa Child Challenges.

We accept that our philanthropy challenge occasions offer groups and individuals a genuine chance to experience, study and help in ways which customary occasions can’t. We accept that our tests not just have an effect to the neighborhoods we visit through our mindful tourism ethos, additionally to the individuals who voyage with us who get increasingly out of their trek since they have the chance to give something back.
Open Africa Child Challenges


An Open Challenge is a philanthropy challenge which anybody can get included in. It is interested in people and additionally gatherings of companions, couples, associates and families who might have joined together to back the philanthropy (or foundations) of their decision, or just for an animated exploit occasion abroad! It is called an Open Africa Child Challenge in light of the fact that there is no prerequisite for anybody to raise support for a designated philanthropy, or to raise money whatsoever. It is interested in all!
So would you want to travel responsibly, get on charity guided safari no matter what your profession is, the children will be happy to see you.

Charity Safari Activities include;

• Painting and Plastering a local school while on your safari
• Improving health access like sexual and reproductive health as well as general health
• Child Education support like teaching children basic life skills
• Children’s cultural exchange and Ending Violence against children in communities
• Building a school
• Economic development like community economic empowerment

All the above activities are incorporated in your safari.
Whatever your hobbies and goals, we can outline a novel outing to offer! Also better still, our treks accompany no budgetary hazard! Provided that you might want to discover progressively about organizing an African child philanthropy challenge, please send message on or approach us on +256 704818746



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