Children love school, at least at first. That is where they make friends, play and begin to explore the world. Going to school is a hallmark of childhood. Sadly, quality education remains a distant dream for many vulnerable children in rural villages in Uganda. Most of these children are either out of school, or receive inadequate education because there are not enough schools, parent’s inability to afford tuition, not enough teachers, limited or no learning resources and better infrastructure. About 60% of children living in rural villages in are missing out on primary school education or are having poor quality education. About 45 percent of these are girls. These children are at greater risk for exploitation, victims of child labor, early marriage, unemployment and lower income-earning potential.

Saint Ann Foundation’s model focuses on factors that improve quality education by working with volunteers to increase children’s access to equitable and quality early-childhood education, primary education and strengthening community involvement in education to improve learning. Whether it means building schools, donations of appropriate teaching and learning materials, such as library books, child sponsoring, notebooks, and other relevant school supplies, we address those issues in a sustainable way.